Mint and Gold Nigerian Traditional Wedding by Jide Odukoya Photography

June 1, 2013

Mint and Gold Nigerian Traditional Wedding by Jide Odukoya Photography

It is with jumping hearts and excited fingers that we bring you part one of the Aisle Perfect wedding of Shalewa and Moyo. Our favorite blogger Shally ( shared her journey to the dress with us last year and we were super excited to see what fabulosity she went with at the end (full disclosure- we know and it will blow your mind).
The path to forever for 'MoShally' started with a traditional Yoruba wedding in Lagos, Nigeria and they did not disappoint. Enjoy!
From the Bride:
My inspiration....Colors...Bright Colors
I love playing with colors and I knew that I wanted a bright, vibrant and colorful traditional wedding, I must say that I was well pleased at how it all turned out. I also od'd on my obsession with guipure lace, I love that fabric so much and I knew from time that I wanted to it to be my "aso-ebi" no velvet no regular lace, just give me my guipure...So my friends wore it, my sister wore it and I wore it (it was my choice for my 2nd outfit) and we all loved it.
My decorator did a great job, I had told him that I didn't want a babalawo shrine (read as juju/voodoo/black magic etc shrine) all in the name of "traditional decor" , I wanted a good balance between traditional and modern and I was pleased with his work.
I can say for sure that I got my bright; vibrant and colorful wedding :)

The Ceremony:

All images by Jide Odukoya Photography

Vendors: Venue - The Haven // Decor - Dexterity Plus // Event Planners/Coordinators - Zapphire Events // Make up - Banke Meshida Lawal // Aso-Oke - De root of Aso Oke // Necklace&Earrings (beads) - The Coral Reef // Band - Ayo Balogun // Caterer - Astoria and Kemabom // Desert - ooh la la // Cocktails - Elle's ice box // Colors - Blue and Pink (Bride's family), Blue and Red (Groom's family)

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Salewa and Moyo's Aisle Perfect wedding coming soon...


  1. beautiful couple, beautiful wedding and kudos to the photographer really captured the essence and brought out the gorgeous colors she chose for her day..cant wait for the white wedding!

  2. Love everything about this! The brides outfits are stunning! Love love love the Gele! and makeup too;)

  3. Beautiful and vibrant it
    Her first outfit colors....stunning

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! Shally looked amazing!! The photography was perfect!

  5. Love the entire thing!

    Is her second wrapper damask?

  6. The wedding is so beautiful! I love how vibrant the colors are and the details on the bride's first traditional is just amazing. May God bless their union!

  7. loool @ babalawo shrine, i couldn't have said it better myself. Such a pretty wedding, the colours are so gorgeous!

  8. She's absolutely beautiful! Love her color choices and love the veil!

  9. Been looking forward to seeing this! Very lovely. Totally love the use of colour.


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