15 Pretty Perfect Sequin Bridesmaids Dresses

June 7, 2013

15 Pretty Perfect Sequin Bridesmaids Dresses

Haley Sheffield Photography via Style Me Pretty 
Trend alert! Who doesn't love a bit (read as: a lot) of sparkle! More and more brides are ditching the monochrome chiffons and opting for the wow factor with sequin bridesmaids dresses. Love, love, love! This is something I totally would have done and it can be toned down or revved all the way up depending on your taste. Click on for some Pretty Perfect stunners!

*Dress Shopping? visit our STYLE section for enough dresses to make you swoon :D 

The Lane
Melissa and Beth
United with Love
Grey Likes Weddings
Sugar Branch Events
Tosho Woods 
Style Me Pretty
Christine Chang 
Aidan Mattox dresses as seen in Elizabeth Anne Designs
Jarvie Digital
Jen and Chris 
Forever New
Pretty Little Weddings

Get the Look! 

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2nd Row: 1. source, 2. source, 3. source, 4. source, 5. source

Check out the rest of the beauties we think are Pretty Perfect. 


  1. I looooovvveeeeee! Def get a real glamaorous feel out of it. Wonderful! :)

  2. I swoon over all things sequin * as long as they dont itch*
    When I wear anything sequin *can't touch this starts playing in my head* 'm untouchable lol

  3. Ooh my cousin and I wore sequins at my sister's wedding in 2006! Trendsetters! Lol. :p

  4. I love some of them! lol

  5. sooo Kunbi thanks for making me have to revisit my bridesmaid dresses. I was so sure I had crossed that off my list. I actually really like this, i prayed i'd hate it before i clicked on the link. *sigh

  6. wow I really love the sequin bridesmaids.

  7. Great article, thanks for displaying one of our prom dresses!

  8. Where is a link that shows where these dresses are sold!!!

  9. Where can I buy these beautiful sequin bridesmaid dresses? I love the ones with the purple belts!

  10. Anyone know where I can purchase these type of dresses?? I need the gold sequin ones! so. cute.


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